Futhark revolutionizes the role of medical records.

Through Futhark’s collection of AI models, medical records will enhance your medical teams’ performance by suggesting diagnosis and treatment while saving precious time. Futhark is designed and created through collaboration between medical doctors and AI specialists.

Our vision is to make Futhark a member of any medical team, helping them using pre-existing medical data to provide the best care possible.

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With Reduceplan.com users create personalized tapering plans to safely reduce drug doses to prevent addiction and save lives.

Reduceplan.com enables medical doctors to create tapering plans in seconds rather than minutes and allow for follow-up on compliance. Patients can choose to get notifications to their smartphone and get access to real-time data.

Reduceplan.com is GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

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Prescriby App

Prescriby App is a mobile phone application for iOS and Android devices that helps patients taper down their addictive medication. The Tapering plan is created by a physician and later downloaded to the patient’s App. The App is broken down into three different parts:

The Tapering Plan. Here the patient can see today’s doses of the medication, as well as the structure of the plan for the next days and weeks. The patient can confirm their adherence to the plan.

Symptoms. On the Symptoms screen the patient can quickly and easily register their withdrawal symptoms.The patient can also take questionnaires which can be used to assess anxiety and depression.

Progress. Here the patient can get an overview of the tapering plan, view their previously submitted symptom registrations and questionnaire results.