Prescriby digital treatment system

Prescriby was built to fight the opioid crisis by enhancing safer prescriptions and monitoring.

Opioids are prescribed due to valid indications to relieve pain. But each prescription carries a risk.

We believe each prescription should include a comprehensive personalized treatment plan, with a real-time accessibility to clients and caregivers.

That’s why we built Prescriby. We maximize the safety and efficacy of opioid treatments.

Prescriby enables clinics to provide their clients with personalized data driven treatments and safer monitoring. We focus on both prevention and tapering support for misuse/OUD.

The system includes a powerful treatment generator and dashboard monitor for caregivers as well as a user friendly application for clients.

We emphasize interoperability and existing clinical workflows. Prescriby is available both as a standalone system or can easily be integrated with EMR systems.


How can Prescriby help your clinic?

  • Provide the best service to clients with personalized treatment plans and digital monitoring.
  • Enables healthcare professionals to make decisions based on real-time data to ensure safer followup.
  • Prevent over-prescribing with automatic calculation of doses and scheduling of prescriptions.
  • Allow patients to engage in their treatment to increase compliance and successful treatments.
  • Increase your client throughput and workflow efficiency.
  • Take part in the ongoing digitization of healthcare and provide your clients with safer treatments and a better client experience.


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